Auto Dosing System (ADS)

Auto Dosing System Is Used By Commercial Kitchen and Catering Professionals To Provide An Automated Daily Dosing Regime. (Usually After The Kitchen Closes Down)

This Prevents The Build Up in The Grease Trap of Harmful Fats, Oils and Grease Discharged in Their Wastewater Wash Up and Cooking Process.

  • ADS Size : 170MM(L) X 115MM(W) X 71MM(H)
  • Voltage : 100V-240V/50Hz
  • Power Consumption : 4W
  • 2 Channel Dosing Pump
  • Each Channel Provides 1 To 9999ml Per Day
  • Allows User to Keep Their Tank Parameters Stable
  • Allows For Dosing in Both Large and Small Increments
  • Suitable for Any Tank
  • Comes With A Power Supply
  • Easy Set Different Time of The Dosing Pump
  • Removes The Need for Mixing Supplements Daily

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